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When it comes to your lush and vibrant lawn in the Sunshine State, you’re always going to be battling the odd growth here and there of the most common Florida weeds. They may seem harmless, and some of them are actually quite pretty. But those Florida lawn weeds absolutely thrive under our sunny and humid skies and fertile soil – and they can turn your once-pristine yard into a battleground of fading beauty and health.

There are 200+ types of weeds in Florida!

Grab your gardening gloves and let’s dive into the lawn weeds Florida-wide that you need to keep an eye on. If you need help with weed problems you can always call on the best lawn care services near you!

1. Crabgrass

When it’s the warm season across our beautiful state, watch out for this fast-invading lawn pest.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Wide, flat blades radiating out from a central point – like crab legs.
  • DIY TIP: Apply pre-emergent herbicides before spring, and don’t fall behind on your mowing.

2. Dollarweed

It’s also known as pennywort, and it spreads rapidly with its creeping habit when the lawn is regularly moist.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Distinctive round, coin-like leaves rising above the grass.
  • DIY TIP: Ensure you’ve given plenty of thought to the efficiency of your lawn’s drainage.

3. Florida Pusley

The little white flowers are actually very pretty, but this is a very hardy weed that thrives when the soil isn’t great.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Those star-shaped flowers and low, spreading growth.
  • DIY TIP: Better soil aeration and fertility will actually deter Florida Pusley from growing, so don’t let your fertilisation routine fall behind.

4. Spurge

This one’s a summer annual that stays low and appears in dense mats that are particularly good at smothering your healthy grass.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Reddish stems and small, oval leaves arranged in pairs along the stem.
  • DIY TIP: Rip them out of the ground and dispose of them carefully, because the seeds disperse very easily.

5. Bahiagrass

In some places, this is among the Florida weeds that can actually be a turfgrass option. You might even call it a common Florida weed grass! But because the clumps are uneven, it can really ruin the look of your well-manicured lawn.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Clumpy growth and course, wider leaves compared to the grass around it.
  • DIY TIP: It struggles to thrive if your lawn is healthy, dense and well mowed and regularly spot-treated.

6. Clover

If clover is becoming a problem in your lawn, it can be very difficult to get rid of because it’s really strong and hardy in low nitrogen level soil.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Those telltale trefoil leaves with three leaflets, and often little white or pink flowers.
  • DIP TIP: Good fertilization practices, and broadleaf herbicides, should keep nitrogen levels high enough to discourage clover growth.

7. Broadleaf Plantain

If some of the common weeds in Florida look quite pretty, this isn’t one of them.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Rosettes of broad, ribbed leaves with prominent veins.
  • DIY TIP: This one leaves compact soil, and you can address that with better drainage and regular aeration.

8. Spotted Spurge

Spotted Spurge, which gets its name from the purple spot on the leaves’ upper side, crops up in the warm season.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: As well as the purple spot, watch out for the drop-shaped leaves and reddish stems.
  • DIY TIP: Keep on top of these unsightly Florida weeds in early Spring with plenty of hand-pulling.

9. Nutsedge

This grass-like weed is a problem year-round, with triangular stems that grow faster than the main grass in your manicured lawn.

  • LOOK OUT FOR: Triangular stems and distinctively fast & upright growth.
  • DIY TIP: Look into special herbicides for a range of sedges, and mow regularly.

10. Chickweed

When the weather gets cooler, watch out for Chickweed – one of the prettier of the common Florida lawn weeds.


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  • LOOK OUT FOR: Small, rounded, light-green leaves that grow opposite each other along the stem with a fine texture, and small, delicate white flowers.
  • DIY TIP: Apply pre-emergent herbicides in the fall and don’t fall behind with your hand-pulling.

Go beyond DIY Florida weed identification

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