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Ah, Home Sweet Home. We all love Florida almost as much as we love caring for our homes and gardens. But it’s pretty hot and sweaty in those gardening gloves in the Sunshine State, and we also live very busy lives and deal with a skyrocketing cost of living. So for your garden landscaping ideas, have you considered low maintenance plants for Florida?

If the words ‘low maintenance’ have already grabbed your attention, also consider that selecting plants for your Florida garden that won’t need a lot of TLC will also give you:

  • Savings on excessive watering
  • Extra time otherwise dedicated to extensive gardening
  • Peace of mind to travel & enjoy downtime
  • Heat-tolerant plants well adapted to the Florida climate.

10 beautiful low maintenance Florida plants

So without further ado, here are 10 of the best low-maintenance Florida plants that will save you a lot of Sunday sweating in the yard and still make your garden pop with color and vibrancy:

1. Firebush

The clusters of tubular flowers pop with red-orange color, inviting hummingbirds and butterflies to pay your garden a visit.

It’s not only among the more attractive low maintenance flowers for Florida, once this one is established, Firebush is drought-tolerant and requires very little pruning.

2. Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass

It’s a fine-textured, soft ornamental grass that forms in dense clumps, adding movement and visual interest to your home landscape.

This one only needs the occasional trim to maintain the shape, and will grow in just about any soil type.

3. Coontie

This native cycad has fern-like foliage, adding a prehistoric charm to your garden and serving as a host plant for the stunning atala butterfly.

Coontie is well-adapted to Florida’s conditions, with a slow growth rate slashing the need for much pruning.

4. Muhly Grass

Known for its feathery pink-purple plumes in the fall, Muhly Grass adds an airy element to a colorful landscape.

A simple trim in late winter is all you’ll need to do.

5. Blanket Flower

These daily-like perennials display vibrant red and yellow flowers to attract visiting pollinators.

As far as the hardiest low maintenance flowers Florida wide go, your Blanket Flowers actually quite like the heat – and they even thrive in poorly fertilized soil.

6. Wax Myrtle

This is a native shrub with lush, glossy green leaves and sweet-smelling foliage, offering blue-gray berries to the chirping birds.

With dense growth, there’s not a lot of need for weeding around this one.

7. Beautyberry

The native Beautyberry lives up to its name, offering up vibrant and attractive purple berries throughout the fall.

The berries will pop up whether you care much for your native plant – so don’t worry much about either watering or pruning.

8. Silver Buttonwood

This one’s a silvery-grey coastal shrub that shimmers in the sunlight, creating a striking visual contrast.

The sandy soils and salt exposure in Florida are no problem for this well-adapted plant, and it grows nice and slow.

9. Cocoplum

You can shape the glossy green leaves into hedges if you like, or just leave this native shrub to take its natural form.

The birds nibble up the small fruit and it needs little watering, little fertilization, and it’s able to cope with whatever pruning you throw at it.

10. Mexican Petunia

The trumpet-shaped flowers come in purple, pink, or white and pop up all through the year.


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With full sun and not a lot of watering, Mexican Petunia also tolerates just about any soil type – while the spreading habit suppresses weeds.

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