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We all know that Florida is currently booming. Demand for housing is sky-high, the market is on fire, and the incredible influx of people moving to our beautiful state is expected to keep surging for at least the next five years. So if you have a yard, a lawn, or a garden, why should you even be thinking about spending money on Florida landscaping ideas?

Why even bother with landscaping ideas Florida?

  • Capitalize on surging demand
  • Get a competitive edge in a soaring market
  • Supercharge your return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Future-proof for an eventual downturn.

So as Florida home sellers continue to over-perform on a national and even international context, did you know investing in some simple Florida landscape ideas is perhaps the best way to enhance curb & visual appeal to your home? First impressions matter, the Sunshine State is renowned for outdoor entertainment, and a few of the best DIY landscaping ideas in Florida can be both low-cost and low-maintenance.

6 simple landscape ideas Florida needs!

If you’ve got a green thumb and a bit of do-it-yourself ‘get up and go’, we’ve got a range of easy DIY landscape design ideas Florida residents just like you can get done quickly, simply, and affordably:

1. Mulching & edging

The simple act of mulching flower beds and creating sculpted, defined edges around pathways, lawns, and garden beds instantly improves the visual appeal of your yard and home. And mulching doesn’t just provide a neat, polished look, but it helps retain moisture and suppress common weeds for ongoing low-maintenance beauty.

WHAT YOU NEED: Mulch and edging materials/tools.

2. Plant native plants

Give your home an iconic ‘Florida look’ with native plants, which are already well adapted to the local climate for low ongoing maintenance.

WHAT YOU NEED: Consider Florida Firebush, Dwarf Yaupon Holly, Coontie, Blanket Flower, Florida Sunshine Anise, and many more.

3. Make flower beds colorful

Now think about planting, seasonal flowers for pops of varying color year-round. Choose ones that will bloom at different times for a continuous display of ever-changing, vibrant colors.

WHAT YOU NEED: Consider different species of Coreopsis (yellow, orange & red), Mexican Sage (purple), Coneflower (pink, purple, white), Pentas (red, pink, lavender) & Plumbago (blue).

4. Install pathways

Whether you go for gravel, stepping stones, paver installation or something else is up to you, but garden pathways won’t just add functional structure and visual appeal to your yard but foster a sense of exploration & adventure.

WHAT YOU NEED: Levelling tools.

5. Add outdoor lighting

You don’t need to be an electrician to add some eye-catching, feature-enhancing outdoor lighting to your yard for extending those fun times outside and add a touch of ambiance and extra safety.

WHAT YOU NEED: Choose solar-powered or low-voltage outdoor lights for simple & affordable installation.

6. Create a focal point

It could be a small water feature, a bird bath, a trellis, a sculpture, or a sustainably raised vegetable bed – or all of them! But a little bit of effort can create an obvious and eye-catching focal point for your yard.


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WHAT YOU NEED: As well as your chosen focal point, things like decorative stones, general tools, mulch and sealants will help complete your yard feature.

With our help, landscaping in Florida is super-simple

While DIY landscaping projects like these can be immensely rewarding and truly effective, you may be surprised that a skilled and professional landscaper can get it all easily implemented at a cost that is very much within your reach. The Landscaping Wizard brings all the best professionals in 5-star Florida landscaping all together in the same place – from Pompano Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and beyond. All you need to do is enter your details for a fast, free quote. Give us a try today!